xml stream from client to xml web service

  1. I'm trying to send a serialized object based of an xsd to an xml web service by an xml stream.
I've serialized it into a MemoryStream and trying to sent it to the service that I've made.
The service should except this xml stream and create a serialized class of his own.
  1. Giving the fact that I need to pass the Object as an xml stream, is it a good choisse to take a MemoryStream class for me?
  2. Trying to pass the MemoryStream instance made at the client side I get a compilation error as the instance made at the client side is recognized as a System.Io.MemoryStream while the argument for the [WebMethod] public void getStream(MemoryStream strm) is recognized with the namespace of the WebService "Appliction1.service1.MemoryStream". the arror then point to the fact that it cann't cast one type to the other.
Any Idea what should I do?
In the cliente side I can create an instance of an  "Appliction1.service1.MemoryStream" but it doesn't help me as i need it to be of a System.IO.MemoryStream for the serialize method.
Any article or/and excample code at the subject will be appritiated.
3/5/2006 4:13:13 PM
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I believe that the problem that I have with MemoryStream is that it is not a supported argument for an xml web service.
That leads me to an xmlNode / DOM.
Can any one leads me to an example or note of the way to send a class (as an Xml) at that way (or a better way)?
3/6/2006 8:02:52 AM
Well it's still me talking to myself....
It seems to work now using MemoryStream as a pass through from the class to the serializer method and then creating xmlDocument. Loading the MemoryStream to the XmlDocument (with method load ) and then it's possible to send it to the webService.
If any one needs more details fill free to ask.
If any one think thear is a better way, I would be happy to get a note for that.
3/6/2006 9:41:57 AM

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