What do non-.net users need to do to consume a .net web service?


I'm very new to web service world and haven't had much chance to do much reading on theory and architecture yet.
So I'm asked to create one for someone external to my organization (still inside my company). I make one, test it, deploy it, consume it. Go me. It was very easy within my comfortable .net shop. However, the intended consumer is not a .Net shop (J2EE).
I was under the impression that if I sent in a GET request to the asmx file, I would get XML back. This turned out to be not the case and I had to use the proxy file to prove that I could consume the service. So my fragile understanding of XML services is destroyed.
What should I provide them non-.NET clients? The path to the asmx file? And for non-.NET clients, is it required that I create the proxy class? I can't imagine that it would be as simple as adding a web reference for them, could be wrong though...
Insight and info much appreciated.

6/8/2004 1:53:04 PM
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If the client is using the webservice from a web-based application, they can use javascript to communicate with it. Check out my post at this forum

-Jeff Evans

Programmer Analyst

Triton Management Group, Inc.

6/10/2004 5:21:41 PM
Anything that can talk HTTP and dissect XML can speak SOAP. Notice that when you browse to the .asmx file it spits out all the functions you have exposed. Click on the function and you either get a test form or a full description of the ins and outs of the soap envelope requied and returned.

If they were using an http connection you should be able to cut, modify and paste this envelope information into the connection to the web service and see the results come back in the described way. Non .NET clients can still use the Web Service through a SOAP library, for example gSoap is a big help for c/c++ developers. PHP, perl and other languages contain built in SOAP support.

edit: changed tcpip to http
6/11/2004 9:04:31 PM
If you need them to access via a GET, you should be able to add a web.config entry - it is disabled by default except when accessed via localhost


<add name="HttpGet" />
6/17/2004 3:08:52 AM
Is it necessary that you have a proxy for this? Is it geared towards web-based applications? Or windows based?
-Jeff Evans

Programmer Analyst

Triton Management Group, Inc.

6/17/2004 4:17:00 AM
Are your clients Java based?
6/17/2004 2:14:02 PM

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