Web Service Proxy is ignorning SOAP:Header

I'm using a custom soap header to return any errors that are generated by sql server calls.

In my webserivce call to UpdatePatientPersonal I'm missing a stored procedure parameter so my ExecuteNonQuery is generating a SQLException which I catch. I take the necessary bits of info from this exception and add them to my custom Soapheader object.
I've registed the the outputted header using the SoapHeaderAttribute. I added in a tracer to intercept the SOAP messages and to output them to a log file. When I make the call,
the logfile shows that the SoapHeader error is in place and that it contains the correct information.
however, on the client side, the soapheader variable on the proxy is null.
I've no idea what's wrong. I've regenerated the proxy files and still no joy. Has anyone seen this behaviour before?
My Header type is stored in a shared assembly.
Any help would be appreicated.
Tomas McGuinness
2/22/2005 5:01:00 PM
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Can you provide some code on:

1. How you are adding the SOAP Header to the response on the web services end.
2. How you are reading the SOAP Header from the proxy.
Cristian Sturek
Principal SOA Architect
2/22/2005 5:49:32 PM
Edited by SomeNewKid. Please post code between <code> and </code> tags.

Sure csturek. Here is the Header class itself. I've omitted two of the properties for clarity.
Namespace DTCB.EPS.Shared.Type

<XmlRoot("SOAPError"), Serializable()> _
Public Class SOAPHeaderError
Inherits SoapHeader
Private _code As [Enum].ErrorCode = [Enum].ErrorCode.NONE
Private _source As String = String.Empty
Private _message As String = String.Empty
Public Property Code() As [Enum].ErrorCode
Return _code
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As [Enum].ErrorCode)
_code = Value
End Set
End Property
End Class
End Namespace

On the web service side in a file called patientService.asmx I have the following:
Namespace DTCB.EPS.WebService

<System.Web.Services.WebService(Namespace:="http://tempuri.org//PatientService")> _
Public Class PatientService
Inherits WebServiceBase
<WebMethod(), SoapHeader("SOAPError", Direction:=SoapHeaderDirection.Out)> _
Function GetPatientClinical(ByVal PersonGID As Integer) As PatientClinicalCollection
Dim sqlConnection As sqlConnection = New sqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings.Item("ConnectionString"))
Dim ds As DataSet
Dim PatientClinicalCollection As PatientClinicalCollection = New PatientClinicalCollection
... Do stuff here...
End Function
End Class
End Namespace

In the type WebServiceBase I have a public variable called SoapError declared.
On the proxy side I have
        <System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderAttribute("SOAPError",   Direction:=System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHeaderDirection.Out), _

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("http://tempuri.org//PatientService/GetPatientClinical", RequestNamespace:="http://tempuri.org//PatientService",
ResponseNamespace:="http://tempuri.org//PatientService", Use:=System.Web.Services.Description.SoapBindingUse.Literal,
ParameterStyle:=System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)> _
Public Function GetPatientClinical(ByVal PersonGID As Integer) As PatientClinicalCollection
Dim results() As Object = Me.Invoke("GetPatientClinical", New Object() {PersonGID})
Return CType(results(0), PatientClinicalCollection)
End Function
Public Function BeginGetPatientClinical(ByVal PersonGID As Integer, ByVal callback As System.AsyncCallback, ByVal asyncState As Object) As System.IAsyncResult
Return Me.BeginInvoke("GetPatientClinical", New Object() {PersonGID}, callback, asyncState)
End Function
Public Function EndGetPatientClinical(ByVal asyncResult As System.IAsyncResult) As PatientClinicalCollection
Dim results() As Object = Me.EndInvoke(asyncResult)
Return CType(results(0), PatientClinicalCollection)
End Function

The proxy also contains a shared variabled called SoapError which has SOAPHeaderError type.
I hope that's helpful.

Tomas McGuinness
2/23/2005 9:45:06 AM

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