to use a webservice or not to use a webservice?

hi folks,

i have a web-based application that connects to a server for processing and then gets back the data from the server asynchonously to display to the user--specifically, the user identifies a product by answering coupla questions and then the program connects to a CAD server to generate models of the product to display to the user. creating the CAD files typically takes little over a minute or so...but i would like to know whether its a good idea to use a web-service to connect to the CAD server and then do the processing or whether remoting is a better way to do this.

btw: i'm pretty new to web-services or remoting (i'm sure you can guess from the nature of my query...but anyways...)  i look forward to having a discussion and possibly pointers to resources where i can start learning whatever is required to help me get the job done.


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My thoughts are that your problem is exactly what web services are designed to do so, yes, I'd suggest at least a thorough investigation of using them. It is not at all difficult to code web services; I find that determing architecture/patterns/user reqs is much harder than the actual coding aspect.

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yeah i've had a chance to take a look at webservices vis-a-vis remoting
and infact have got both to work at the moment. but i'm really not able
to understand the advantages of one technique over the other...have you
got any suggestions or web-based articles that might help resolve this

all the same, i was wondering if someone on this forum has developed a similar application in the past, if so, i could learn a bit from his/her experience. say what?

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Well, you certainly could use a web service, but I would consider implementing it in an asychronous fashion if it's going to take a minute and you have more than a couple of potential users.

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