Problem with parsing SOAP security element using older namespace in WSE 2

Hi all,

          I am implementing a web service server to accept SOAP messages from my client and send a SOAP response back. Actually I am using .NET's WSE-2 for receiving and sending SOAP messages. The message I get from my client  has a "security" element with "username" and "password" fields which I got to authenticate. Actually the namespace associated with "security" element my client is using is "". WSE-2 supports Oasis version of Security and namespace associated with it is "".
          My client does not want to update their part. SO I got to get away with the problem. Just changing namespaces won't work. I am not sure how to go about this. Is anyone aware of any tool which would allow me to interoperate or some way using WSE-2 I could pasre the header element having the older namespace. Please help me out.


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