Please compare "web service" and "remote services"

Somebody, please tell me the different beetween "web services" and "remote services".

So, "web services" and "remote services" which one is better?
Please tell me
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This might provide some insight.
The really question at hand is what kind of project?

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This is a follow-up discussion from I noticed we stopped talking about Peter's problem some time ago. The discussion had become one of passing "XML strings" to a web service in order to permit optional parameters, a dynamic web service, and things like that. My contention is that this is a solution without a requirement. It is something that we can do, which does not imply that anyone needs us to do it. First of all, if you need to send XML, then send XML. Do not send a string that happens to have XML embedded in it. ASM...

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I like the new "Visual Web Developer Web Server" (Do you want suggestions for a longer name!) but I have an issue with using it to host a Web Service. Whenever the Web Service is recompiled and run it ends up with a different port number. Therefore, it seems that any references to that WS in other applications are invalidated and need to be re-established when it's run again. Is there a way of pinning the port number, or am I missing something? CheersNick Grattan, MSDN Regional Director, Ireland. Software Paths Limited. Hi Nick, the internal server is used for local...

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I was wondering if there is something analogous to the "Web Application Project" VS add-in for Web-services. By analogous I mean: 1. All the source files in a Web-services project is compiled into a single assembly, perhaps with the exceptions of the .asmx file 2. Property pages for the project in VS display all the tabs that are available in other kinds of projects - i.e., for example, ability to specify pre and post build events, the XML documentation file etc. I really appreciate any help. Cheers, Adrigo Yes, the current release supports creating an "ASP.Net Web Service Applica...

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