Need help with deciding to use or not to use web services in a web application

Hi all,

I haven't used web services at all in my web application development and now I was asked to use web services in my web application.  I was a novice in ASP.NET since I'm just changed to ASP.NET from a Java background.

I used the tutorial on MSDN to create the DAL (which is a .xsd file type) and the BLL layers and it works pretty well for what the web application suppose to be but since I was asked to add a web service layer to this, I wonder how to do it?  And I wonder if it is necessary to have an additional layer?  What is the pros and cons for adding the web service to a web application?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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  • The data (and business possibly) tiers can now be hosted in a seperate application, even on a different machine.
  • If hosted on a different machine(s), you can take advantage of setting up a web farm.
  • This separation allows for performance improvements through output caching, and security settings (run as different account, etc)
  • Changes to the data and business tiers can be deployed easier, since they are now loosely coupled with the web application.


  • Adds another layer of complexity
  • Performance degradation in small usage scenarios (additional request, XML serialization, possibly caching overhead)

Basically, if you think you'll have a lot of usage, go with the web services as they will allow you to tweak performance even further than you normally would be able to in a web application. If this app is only for a handful of users, don't bother with it.

The only other consideration for using web services is if you have an external facing site -- you probably don't want your web machine talking directly to your database. You want the database to be firewalled off from the web machine and use a web services machine as a bridge between the two.

There are probably a lot more scenarios to look at, but those are what I usually take into consideration.

Steve Commisso
3/25/2008 5:35:57 PM

Hi scommisso,

Thanks for your answer.  I have some other questions though: 

Now, I decide to go with web service and my web service will be WCF service, not the regular web service .asmx.  Could you tell me the difference?

Another thing is I'm going to use some AJAX extender which examples out there deal mostly with the .asmx web service.  Can I still create a WCF service and call it in the AJAX extender the same way as AJAX extender calls .asmx web service?



3/26/2008 10:15:17 PM

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