multiple web services vs one web service?

Can someone tell me in term of performance and flexibility which approach is better:
 Using multiple web services within an application, each web service contains only 1 web method VS using a single Web Service with multiple web methods..(each web method will retrieve data from  the database and populate the Web form).
I want to know if it is better to transform each web method to web service or to regroup all web methods in only one Web Service.

Thanks in advance.
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Use one WebService.

For each Web Service you'll need a WebReference in VS.
1 WebService = 1 WebReference
5 WebServices = 5 WebReferences

What you'll gain is flexibility when you move the WS's to a different server or change the virtual directory.

And when you tell a client/customer that for each WebMethod they want to call they'll need to create a seprate WebReference.

Oh, and security and code reuse. 

If you still want to multi-WebServices then you should group them by Business Components.

Just my 2cents.

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Thank you very much for your reply.. It will be hepfull for me..
10/12/2005 6:20:47 PM
my business component has different classes depending on the functionality that i have for example i have class called Group and another one called Addresses. my project idea will be addresses that have contact details ....... what i was thinking to have is one web service project that have many web service files like Group and Addresses which is similar format to the Business component ... is that a good design or it is better to have only one file in the class that contains all methods!!!! just i want to ensure i am approaching the best design as i am not expert in WS
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