How i create web services & call web services?

Give me the solution of how i create webservices & call it and what is purpose of web services ??


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 >how i create webservices
Very much the same as creating a new web site site - it is just a different project type.

> & call it and
Add a web reference to an existing project to consume the web service.

>what is purpose of web services ??
To send and receive data.

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 how to create a simple web service:

1. in the VS 2005 right click your web site in the solution explorer and click on Add New Item

2. Choose WebService from the items and rename your WebService e.g (MyFirstWebService.asmx)

3. From the solution explorer: double click MyFirstWebService.cs (or MyFirstWebService.vb depending on the selectes language) file

4. Add the following code:

    public string MyFirstWebMethod() {
        return "This is my first web method";

Notice that in order to expose your web method to other applications it has to be public and it has to be decorated with the [WebMethod] attribute.

5. Build your application

now your web service is available to be referenced as a web reference.

How to call the web method from other applications:

Note: the following walkthrough shows how to add a web reference to your web service from a web site in the same solution, however, an exposed web service can be referenced from any other project. 

1.  in the same solution go to File menu, click on Add New Website menu item

2. Choose web site and rename it to WebServiceCaller

3. Right click the WebServiceCaller website and click on Add Web Reference...

4. The Add Web Reference Dialog window will pop up, click on "Web services in the same solution" link. This will list all web services within the same solution

5.  Click on MyFirstWebService link and wait till the wizard discovers the web service's web methods

6. Rename the Web reference name to : MyFirstWebReference

7. in the WebServiceCaller website, go to the code behind of the default.aspx page

8. wirte the following code in the Page_Load event handler:

        MyFirstWebReference2.MyFirstWebService ws = new MyFirstWebReference2.MyFirstWebService();

 9. Right click your default.aspx and click on "view in browser"

and.... you're there!

This is my first web method will appear at the top of the page.
Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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and what is purpose of web services ??

Read this article:

W3C Web Services Activity Statement


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