File upload in chunks - how to adapt codeproject file written for to run on web?

So I downloaded the files from codeproject for the "upload files in chunks" application at

I've adapted the c# code into and tests I run locally show it working ok.  Trouble is, the client side was written for windows application level client, not web, so I'm wondering if anyone has already got a bit of client side web coding to take an uploaded file and split it into chunks that is compatible with this web service at all?

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Well I use MTOM and WSE 3.0 to send files in chuncks across the wire to a web service and here are some of the things I did on the client side:

1.  Right-click project and go to 'WSE 3.0 Settings' and check 'Enable this project for Web Services Enhancements' on the 'General' tab, and on the 'Messaging' tab set Client Mode to 'On' (I have server mode set to 'Always'

2.  I use an array of byte arrays that I read the files into to accept in the web service.  Look at some of my sample code:


Imports System.Web.Services.Protocols
Imports Microsoft.Web.Services3
Imports Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security       

                'Derive the client from Microsoft.Web.Services3.WebServicesClientProtocol (ServiceWse)
                'This allows access to the MTOM protocol for sending files (attachments) to the server
                Dim ws As New MyWebService.MyWebServiceWse
                'Represents the system credentials for the current security context in which the application is running.
                'The default credentials are the user credentials of the logged-in user, or the user being impersonated.
                ws.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials  (Only used for Windows Authentication, build Credential object if otherwise)
                'Indicates to send authentication information with subsequent requests without waiting to be challenged by the server.
                ws.PreAuthenticate = True

                'Specify that MTOM encoding must be used; this is the protocol used for sending attachments to the web service.
                ws.RequireMtom = True

                'Build a string array of the file names to be attached.
                'IMPORTANT: The names in the array must be in the same order that the file content is added below
                Dim strFileNames() As String = {"TestAttachment1.txt", "TestAttachment2.txt", "Test.doc"}

                'Create an array of Byte arrays. Each byte array will hold the contents of a file
                Dim AllAttachments()() As Byte = Nothing
                'Create individual Byte arrays; 1 for each attachment needed
                Dim Attachment1(), Attachment2(), Attachment3() As Byte
                'Read the contents of the file into a Byte Array object
                Attachment1 = File.ReadAllBytes("C:\TestAttachment1.txt")
                Attachment2 = File.ReadAllBytes("C:\TestAttachment2.txt")
                Attachment3 = File.ReadAllBytes("C:\Test.doc")

                'Add all the individual Byte Arrays to the main array.
                'Add the items in the order corresponding to the file names in strFileNames()
                AllAttachments = New Byte()() {Attachment1, Attachment2, Attachment3}

                'Indicates the time an XML Web service client waits for a synchronous XML Web service request to complete (in milliseconds)
                'Use Infinite so lengthy calls do not time out.
                ws.Timeout = System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite
                'Call the SendFiles web service function
                ws.SendFiles(AllAttachments, strFileNames)

                'Clean Up
                AllAttachments = Nothing
            Catch ex As SoapException
                'Handle exception as needed
            Catch ex As Exception
                'Handle exception as needed
            End Try
 Hope this helps,
Thank you,

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hmm... whereabouts am I "right clicking" though!?  I'm using Visual Web Developer Express...

12/19/2007 6:46:50 PM

In Visual Studio's 'Soultion Explorer' window, right-click your project name to get the dropdown of available actions.  The last one shown to me is 'WSE Settings 3.0...'.  You will have to have WSE 3.0 installed to see the option, but since you have been working with it already you should have it.  Having the Express edition should not matter. Solution Explorer is the window in the IDE where you can select all of your forms, classes, config files, etc.

Thank you,

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 I need this "File upload in chunks" project that was not available to download from  I had read this article one month before and I stored the link of the page. Now I am trying to download the article, but the link return "the requested page not found".

Please send the Source Code and also any related articles available to this project to my email address. Email :

Thanks & Regards,



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