create valid xml to send to web service based on the schema provided by web service


I have a web page which is being populated from a dataset containing multiple tables.  I now need to call a web service and send the majority of this data to be incorporate into a mainframe system.  I have been supplied with the schema that the web service will be using to validate the data.  I am new to web services and I am not sure how to take my existing dataset and transform it into an xml document that matches the schema I was provided with.

There is a main schema with an element which is a custom complex type.  This custom type consists of an element which is a custom complex type, this element consists of three elements, each of which are custom complex types.  These three types consist of elements which contain elements. 

Just reading what I wrote makes my head hurt.  Here is part of the first schema xsd I was given:

<xs:element name="NlbLoans" type="NlbLoansType">
        <!-- Loan Number key -->
    	<xs:key name="lNumKey1">
    		<xs:selector xpath="NewLoan"/>
    		<xs:field xpath="@Num"/>
    	<xs:keyref name="NoName1" refer="lNumKey1">
    		<xs:selector xpath="NewLoan/Loan/Reporting"/>
    		<xs:field xpath="LoanNumber"/>
    	<xs:keyref name="NoName2" refer="lNumKey1">
    		<xs:selector xpath="NewLoan/Property"/>
    		<xs:field xpath="LoanNumber"/>
    	<!-- Loan Number + Property Seq key -->
    	<xs:key name="lNumPropKey1">
    		<xs:selector xpath="NewLoan/Property"/>
    		<xs:field xpath="LoanNumber"/>
    		<xs:field xpath="Sequence"/>
    <xs:element name="ValidateResults" type="ValidationResultsType">

<!-- New Loan Types -->
	<xs:complexType name="NlbLoansType">
		  <xs:element name="NewLoan" type="NewLoanType" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
	<xs:complexType name="NewLoanType">
    			<xs:element name="Loan"     type="str:LoanType"/>
    			<xs:element name="Property" type="str:PropertyType" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
    			<xs:element name="Borrower" type="str:BorrowerType" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
		<xs:attribute name="Num"         use="required" type="str:NineLongType"/>
		<xs:attribute name="DataLibrary" use="required" type="str:TenCharType"/>

 This is the second xsd which defines the LoanType,PropertyType, adn BorrowerType.  I have just copied the LoanType portion:

FYI:  This xsd uses types which are defined in yet another schema

<xs:complexType name="LoanType">
		  	<xs:element name="Billing">
                      <xs:element name="InterestRate"	       type="SevenFiveDecType" nillable="true" />
                      <xs:element name="LateChrgRtOrFlatFee"   type="FiveThreeDecType" nillable="true"  />
                      <xs:element name="OrigCommitmentAmt"	   type="ElevenTwoDecType" nillable="true" />
                      <xs:element name="PAndIMonthlyConst"     type="NineTwoDecType"  />
                      <xs:element name="PartialPmtsAllowed"    type="YesNoEnumType"  />
                      <xs:element name="PaymentType"           type="PaymentEnumType"  />
                      <xs:element name="Rate"	               type="SevenFiveDecType" nillable="true" />

		  	<xs:element name="Contract">
		  		      <xs:element name="Balance"	            type="ElevenTwoDecType" nillable="true" />
		  		      <xs:element name="BalloonLoan"	        type="YesNoEnumType"    nillable="true" />
                      <xs:element name="OrigLoanDate"	        type="MonthDayYearType" />
                      <xs:element name="LoanTerm"	            type="YearMonthType" />

		  	<xs:element name="Escrow">
                      <xs:element name="CollectTaxEscrow"      type="YesNoEnumType"             nillable="true" />

		  	<xs:element name="Reporting">
		  		      <xs:element name="LoanNumber"            type="NineIntType" />
		  		      <xs:element name="LoanPurpose"	       type="TwoCharType" />
                      <xs:element name="NoOfGraceDaysBeforeAS" type="ThreeIntType" />
                      <xs:element name="SubSrvcFeeRate"	       type="SevenFiveDecType"     nillable="true" />
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