convert type 'System.Xml.XmlDataDocument' to 'System.Data.DataSet'

I am using XMLDataDocument in web services which returns XMLDataDocument

using this XMLDataDocument for Dataset in application getting error 

Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Xml.XmlDataDocument' to 'System.Data.DataSet' 

any idea 

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XmlDataDocument has DataSet property to get the document as a data set.


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
2/15/2007 10:27:49 AM

    public XMLDataDocument xmldoc(DateTime x, DateTime y)
        df = dateFrom;
        dt = dateTo;
        XmlDataDocument xmldoc = new XmlDataDocument(dataSet);

return xmldoc;


now how can i show this XMLDataDocument as gridview in application be

 DataSet resultDataSet = service.xmldoc(dateFrom, dateTo); give error convert type 'System.Xml.XmlDataDocument' to 'System.Data.DataSet'


2/15/2007 10:55:19 AM


As I tried to say, you get the DataSet from XmldataDocument's DataSet property.

//First get what the ws returns
XmlDataDocument doc = service.xmldoc(dateFrom, dateTo);

//Get the DataSet from the XmlDataDocument
DataSet resultDataSet = doc.DataSet;


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
2/15/2007 11:04:21 AM

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