Can "Add Web Reference" if web service deployed to new web site, Can't add ref if deployed to Virt Server under Default web site (Sharepoint)

I have created a web service wich I can deploy successfully to a new
IIS Web, but of course I have to set the port to something other than
80 (and I'd rather just use a virtual server under the Default web).

If I try to deploy my web service under the Default Web as a new virtual server, and then try to "Add a web Reference" to the service, it fails with a 404: not found error.

WServer 2003
My IIS server is running Sharepoint Portal Server (SPPS)sp2. 

Any ideas?

/Bob C in GRR
12/14/2005 7:35:18 PM 7071 articles. 0 followers. Follow

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In Sharepoint Portal Admin I had to add a Path Exclusion.  Took me a while to figure it out...Huh? [:^)]

/Bob C in GRR
12/15/2005 12:32:31 PM

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