Call "Web Service" from "Windows Service" in ASP.NET3.5 using VB.NET

Hello all developers,

I'm creating a ew website using Viasual Studio 2008(coding in VB.NET) and Sql Server 2005  for my Client which he asked me to build automated Email alerts or reminder for hs Users...,really I'm getting crazy now as I for 7 days a week try to build that "Windows Service" to call my "Web Service" to run sending regular Email to website users in a regular time.

for last week days I read many articles,now I decided to create a "Windows Service " to call the "Web Service" from my Web application,not it not works with me ,when I debugged the "Windows Service" raises error that "Not refer to an object",Please any one help me in that

my codes as follows:

Web Service:

<WebMethod()> _

Public Shared Function AddNewItem() As Integer

Using con As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("NamesDB").ToString)Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO MyName (Fname,Lname) values ('Shaymaa','Hafez')", con)


Dim i As Integer = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery()

Return i


End Using

End Function


Windows Service:

Imports JobNowWS

Public Class Service1

Protected Overrides Sub OnStart(ByVal args() As String)

' Add code here to start your service. This method should set things

' in motion so your service can do its work.

Timer1.Enabled = True


End Sub

Protected Overrides Sub OnStop()

' Add code here to perform any tear-down necessary to stop your service.

Timer1.Enabled = False


End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Disposed(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Disposed


Dim obj As JobNowWS = New JobNowWS

'Return obj.AddNewItem()

Call AddNewItem()

Catch ex As Exception


End Try

End Sub

End Class

please answer me ASAP,my Client asked me to finish soon Crying

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Please provide the full details of the exception, including any InnerException instances. Also, please remove the Try/Catch/End Try, as it simply hides any exceptions.

Finally, how did you add the web service to the Windows Service? Did you use "Add Reference"? If so, please remove that reference. You need to use "Add Web Reference".

John Saunders | MVP – Connected System Developer
12/17/2008 3:54:33 AM

Hello John,

Thanx for Ur interest in my problem I face with "Web service", as I see U advise me to make reference with "Add Web Reference" which I not see it in Visual Studio 2008, please notify me wherer I can find this "Add Web Reference", and then I can continue debug and send U all result I g'll get.

12/18/2008 10:50:41 AM


   You can follow these steps:

1. Open the solution in VS 2008

2. Right Click on the Project (Which is just below the Solution Name)

3. Select Add Web Reference

4. Provide the complete path of the Web Service URL in the window which is prompted.

If needed, you have to provide the credentials to access the web service (if web service requires authentication).

If this post was useful to you, please mark it as answer. Thank you!
12/22/2008 8:30:06 AM

Sorry, I thought I had replied. "Add Web Reference" is hidden in VS2008 because they want to encourage you to use WCF.

  1. Right-click the project and choose "Add Service Reference"
  2. Click the "Advanced" button
  3. On the "Advanced" dialog that appears, click the "Add Web Reference" button at the bottom
  4. Enter the URL and a namespace for the proxy classes and click ok. You may need to provide credentials for the web service.

John Saunders | MVP – Connected System Developer
12/22/2008 2:56:57 PM
Thanx Contributor,it works well now Smile
12/22/2008 4:03:02 PM

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