adding web reference, remote web service. "unable to download service.asmx?wsdl"

Hello having a problem with this web service. VS [2005]

The message we get when we try and add the web reference is "unable download following files". Which is using the internal ip address of the web server. We have check the IIS where the web service has been published to.

But could not see why it is using the internal ip and not the external ip address. The actual url is

Here is the service description sample, maybe someone can check this, as this has the internal ip address at the bottom.

wsdl:definitions targetNamespace="" wsdl:types> s:schema elementFormDefault="qualified" targetNamespace="" wsdl:binding wsdl:service name="Service" wsdl:port name="ServiceSoap" binding="tns:ServiceSoap" soap:address location=""/ wsdl:port wsdl:port name="ServiceSoap12" binding="tns:ServiceSoap12" soap12:address location="" wsdl:port wsdl:service wsdl:definitions

I am really hopping someone can help me with this problem. M

any thanks if you can,


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When you add your web reference, use xxxxx/service.asmx?WSDL

Now, for some reason, your wsdl referneces your internal address, so in the client web.config, you need to change the appsetting governing the location.
The easy fix to the problem is to generate the wsdl document using visual studio and make it available where you deploy.

As to why it has the wrong address, it could be a firewall setting governing loopbacks or just the fact that you publshed it internally.  Did you "Publish" the service or just set up IIS with the right content?  Whether you published it precompiled could be a factor as well.  Regardless, I would just use disco.exe to create your wsdl file, then make the address change.  Then everyone can reference it without issue.



Does your team use the VSIP toolkit or maybe have the bulk of your app factored down to patterns and generators? Do you need in-house controls that will make your current vendors blush? If so, we need to talk.
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