XMLHTTP in .Net - client side code to fill parts of a page

I'm trying to convert an ASP page that uses XMLHTTP. At first I removed the XMLHTTP code and used regular server side code. Now I'm finding the XMLHTTP code (or something like it) might be needed.

The situation is that the page has a lot of data on it in text boxes and drop down lists and response is very slow each time we send data back and forth to the server. On the ASP page the XMLHTTP was used to limit the trips to the server and the amount of data sent back and forth. It was used in client side code to do things like populate a drop down list when the value in a different drop down list was changed.
Looking at some information on .Net I'm not too sure what to do. All references to XMLHTTP seem to point out server side code solutions. I'm wondering if there is a .Net solution for client side code that will fill only part of a page or if I just keep using XMLHTTP.
I might cross post this to the client forum too.
1/13/2004 8:43:02 PM
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