Problem loading an xml string containing xml data into XML document

 Hi all,

I have a problem loading an xml string containing xml response data returned by other server(spatial server) into XML document some times becoz the returned xml response contains special chars like <, >, ', etc.Is there any way to parse this XML response string before loading into XML document.

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Hi Bharath,

if you can't find a ready made one you can write one yourself.

Parse the string that you get for the elements that it would contain and inject the CDATA element between them to allow special character.

example if you have a string

This contains special character < and  &

Your parsed string would now become

 This contains special character < and  & ]]>

You can now load the xml in Xml Document class.

Happy programming,

6/29/2007 1:17:27 PM

Hi fren,

I mean to say , i send  


Dim strSpatialxmlstring As String (this is query to spatial server to return few addresses matching criteria)
        strSpatialxmlstring = "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8""?>"
        strSpatialxmlstring &= "<ARCXML version=""1.1"">"
        strSpatialxmlstring &= "<REQUEST>"
        strSpatialxmlstring &= "<GET_FEATURES featurelimit=""100"" beginrecord=""0"" outputmode=""xml"" geometry=""true"" envelope=""true"" compact=""false"">"
        strSpatialxmlstring &= "<LAYER id=""" & intLayer & """ />"

        strSpatialxmlstring &= "<SPATIALQUERY   where=""Upper(" & strstreetfield & ") LIKE '" & Street.ToUpper.TrimEnd.TrimStart & "%' ""></SPATIALQUERY>" 'AND Upper(TYPE)='DR' and POSTAL_R = '93010'  "">"></SPATIALQUERY>"

        strSpatialxmlstring &= "</GET_FEATURES>"
        strSpatialxmlstring &= "</REQUEST>"
        strSpatialxmlstring &= "</ARCXML>"   

Dim strSpatialfinal as string
 strSpatialfinal = con.Send(strSpatialxmlstring )

this strSpatialfinal string contains a xml response string from the Spatial server which some some times throws bad xml response which might contain unclosed tags or special chars.If we directly give to xmldoc it fails.thats the prob..I need to parse the xml string response???how to do it??

Dim xmldoc as xmldocument



7/2/2007 6:16:31 AM

Hi  bharathreddyd ,

Since you have special characters inside xml tags processor would report *unclosed tags error*.

There are two approaches:

1. *Inject the CDATA element between them to allow special character.* as suggested by Anton.

   For details see:

2. Encode *<*    *>* tags using HtmlEncode.

   For details see:


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Young Fang
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7/3/2007 5:48:42 AM

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