Multiple attribute value

C#, web form, VS 2005.  Thank you in advance for reading/helping.

Working with XML returned from a web service,  have some nodes that have the same name but different attribute values.

<ReceivedRecords pk=""/>
<ReceivedRecords pk="1234.56"/>
<ReceivedRecords pk="789.00"/>

I'm setting the value of the XML to a text box using is the code:

//Grab value of returned XML at this location.
XmlNodeList xmn30 = mydoc.SelectNodes("/Envelope/Body/Response/Contract/ReceivedRecords/@pk");
//Output the results to a text box
txtReceivedRecords.Text = (xmn30[0].InnerText);

Nothing appears in the box...normally, using this same code on different nodes MINUS the /@pk, I get a value...


//Grab value of returned XML at this location.
XmlNodeList xmn10 = mydoc.SelectNodes("/Envelope/Body/Response/Contract/ContractNumber");
//Output the results to a text box
txtContractNumber.Text = (xmn10[0].InnerText);

Now I know that the xmn30 from above does indeed contain fact, I know it contains at least 2 test this, I have tried setting testvalue below to 0,1, 2, and 3....I get my "something is here bigger" up until I change testvalue to 3 or greater...

        if (xmn30.Count > testvalue)
            txtReturned.Text = "";
            txtReturned.Text = "something is here bigger",;

So I guess, how the heck do I get the values of the "pk"...the attribute of the node?  Especially since there are more than 1 but with the same attribute name?

Any help would really help.  Thank you all!


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If the first @pk attribute value is indeed an empty string, as you show in your sample XML, then it would make sense that your xmn30[0].InnerText would not put anything into the textbox (because it's only showing the value of your NodeList element #0, which would be an empty string). 

Have you tried with xmn30[1].InnerText (or, as I would prefer for attributes, xmn30[1].Value)?

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8/14/2006 2:51:00 PM
Worked great!  Thanks so much for the tip!

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