Mozilla get's no style tag's from .net server.

I made a webform in web matrix, and it looks fine in IE. If I open the same link whit Mozilla, it looks like a disaster. When I look at the HTML source, there are no style tags as in IE.

But when I save the HTML source from IE (the one whit style tags) and open it in Mozilla, it looks perfect. So the onley reason the webform looks wrong in Mozilla, is because the .net server detects Mozilla and not IE and sends a style less HTML source. Wy? Mozilla does support style tags. Is there a solution for this bug? Or is this a uh.. feature?
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Update, I have got some more info.

It is not only the style="" tags. Also the <asp:panel> is converted to a <table> in Mozilla, instead of a <div> as in IE. The same way the style="" tags disappear. To solve this issue, I used a HTML div instead of a <asp:panel>. I also defined a style.css and copy pasted the styles from the IE HTML source. Then I defined the css classes for the tags. This causes IE to have double defined styles. This is why I removed the style="" tags from all the tag's. Now the page is the same in IE as in Mozilla. But, it is messed up in Web Matrix, because Web Matrix doesn't look for the styles in the style sheet, so I have to use a text editor.
This situation blows the advantages of .net. I can choose between text pad, or no compatibility. I believe a good website is compatible whit more than 1 browser. So I can't make a good website in .net whit .net tools.
Also I have to avoid using some asp controls and use the classic HTML tags to keep compatibility and define al styles manually.
At the end, what is the advantage of .net? If I have to go to so much undocumented trouble to make good compatible website and I can do the same on a standard good documented way whit other active web concepts, what is the use?
Mozilla is a first class, full functional browser. This is a big compatibility issue. Except for that, it's wrong it's also inconsistent. And it's something to be wrong, but to be inconsistent is out of logic.
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