Insert controls into a table cell? (Table managment)


I can not manage to drag and drop web-controls into a single table cell?
I am currently designing a registration form where I want to have f.e. a textbox inside a table cell. Is this possible at all or do I have to insert/manage the asp:textbox by using the code editor?
I noticed Dreamweaver MX had the feature to select each cell (really create table control actually) individually, but that was a regular form. DWMX have ASP.NET support but only a few basic web-controls.
I really want to use WebMatrix so a solution for this is really wanted!
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Have you tried using the table control on the HTML Elements tab of the Toolbox instead of an asp:table control? That works much better in Design view. (Or try the Insert Table command on the HTML menu.)
-- Mike Pope

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