Writing cline side code from VB.NET code

I have a script where in I want to write client side javascript code and send it to the browser where it will display the disired affects.

But the client side tag "</script>" makes the ASP.NET engine look at it as an end of the main server side block:
<script Language="VB" Option="Explicit" runat="server">

I am using inline code for VB.NET, not code behind.

With warm regards,
Dolphus Periera

With warm regards,
Dolphus Pereira
11/4/2006 8:20:34 AM
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The script block tag you posted is marked as runat="server" which makes it a server side script block


Mike Banavige

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11/4/2006 1:06:03 PM

No you misunderstood my code, it is as follows:

<script Language="VB" Option="Explicit" runat="server">
    Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        <<...other code...>
        Body1.Text="<script language=javascript> document.write('"+EmailJS+"');"+"</script>"
        <<...other code...>
    End Sub

-Dolphus Pereira

With warm regards,
Dolphus Pereira
11/7/2006 4:27:58 AM

I think you are using the 1.1 framework as i think this was resolved in 2.0.

Break your </script> tag apart so that it can't accidentally be recognized as a server side tag.

    Body1.Text="<script language=javascript> document.write('"+EmailJS+"');"+"</sc"+"ript>"

Mike Banavige

Need a site code sample in a different language? Try converting it with: http://converter.telerik.com/
11/7/2006 4:54:52 AM
Thanks Mike, it worked.
With warm regards,
Dolphus Pereira
11/8/2006 6:23:49 AM

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