Why a hidden variable is present on Page but Request.Form[controlID] is NULL, when Posted back in some scenarios.

Hi All, I have following scenario of my asp.net application:1.       Opened an customer info view(readonly controls)  page in the  browser window2.       Ctrl N to call the same view page in another window3.       I have a html hidden variable/control to keep track some data on page and default to “” For ex: <input type="hidden" id="ThresholdControlArray" name="ThresholdControlArray" value="" />4.       I entred in edit mode ( just all controls are readable) – edited and saved , which would lead to customer list page. 5.       In another browser window, I try to close ( which is a asp.net button does a postback, on server side click, response redirected to List page)subj: when I check the viewsource hidden control , hidden control exist with above default value, but when posted by clicking “Close” button, in the page_load event,                Request.Form[“ThresholdControlArray”] is coming NULL, why?  Why is not posted back to server, should all controls available by default in Postback mode? This issue is only arised when I take duplicate browser window situation, otherwise works perfect fine…  I have another configuration entry, to avoid viewstate failed error … just for info, does it influence any?<pages viewStateEncryptionMode="Never" enableEventValidation="false" validateRequest="false" maxPageStateFieldLength="1000">                  <controls><add tagPrefix="asp" namespace="System.Web.UI" assembly="System.Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"/>                  </controls>            </pages> Any insights are highly appreciated.Crying 


11/30/2007 2:21:44 AM
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If you examine Request.Form.ToString() is there an entry for your hidden field.

I notice ur hidden field is defined with no value... which might indicate why u get null when u try to retrieve it's value.

How are u opening "window3"? You hit CTRL+N then? do u type in the url or is the page loaded automatically... I can't remember the behaviour of some browsers, what browser are you using?

If you hit CTRL+N and the same page is opened (automatically) it's probably being opened from the cache, and if that's true it's probably the same page without any of the state changes triggered by post backs that may or may not have occurred. But I'm just guessing.

-- Sam Critchley

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11/30/2007 8:56:01 AM

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