When to select items in a dropdownlist control?

I have a DropDownList that loads its data from a SqlDataSource. Right after the data has been loaded into the DropDownList, I want to programmaticaly go in and make a selection based a QueryString ID. So the question is, when do I start executing my code to make selection of the DropDownList items?
5/15/2007 8:15:35 PM
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After you are done with loading the dropdownlist with data from the database.
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5/15/2007 8:17:28 PM

I know that, but where exactly is the event handler or method that I will need to put my code in?

5/15/2007 8:31:40 PM
So you don't load it programatically. If thats the case, did you try Page_Load
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5/15/2007 8:40:58 PM

I have a DropDownList that loads its data from a SqlDataSource. Right after the data has been loaded into the DropDownList, I want to programmaticaly go in and make a selection based a QueryString ID.
To clarify my point again, the DropDownList control is bind to the sqlDataSource control that is why I said the data that fills the dropdownlist control is from a SqlDataSource. It is not through codebehind. However, what I wanted to do is right after the data is loaded into the dropdownlist control, I want to go in and select one of the items in the dropdownlist that is a match based on the QueryString ID.

5/16/2007 12:56:39 PM

I got that pal. What I was asking was that did you try setting the selected item in Page_Load. I tried what you have (but not with querystring parameter) and it worked fine.

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5/16/2007 1:23:47 PM

I tried the page load and it didn't work. I tried the databind, databound, Load of the dropdownlist control and none work.

5/16/2007 1:26:48 PM

Have a look at this post, especially the last reply.



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5/16/2007 1:50:57 PM

I tried his code sample and it's not working. The reason why it's not working is because the selection is made way before there is any data load into the dropdownlist control. His code will always generate a null value back since the selection occur in the Page_PreRender stage and not after the DDL has any data in it.

5/16/2007 3:47:19 PM

Bullpit: great link...fixed my problem.

5/17/2007 4:37:58 PM

Great!!! At least it helped someone

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5/17/2007 5:00:52 PM

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