Web page .aspx is slow when loading. Pages have web user controls on them that are loaded dynamically

I have written a web application using VS 2003. Several of my forms have web user controls on them. The controls are loaded dynamically at runtime. The problem is that the web pages are very slow to load. Does anyone know if there is a way to speed up the pages being loaded into the browser? Here is an example of some code I use to dynamically load the controls:

 private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
   // Put user code to initialize the page here
   // Put user code to initialize the page here

   Control marketWebUserControl = Page.LoadControl("Market.ascx");
   // Typecast the user control to the strong name
   // And set its properties

   //((Market)c).BackColor = Color.Beige;

11/9/2006 9:35:26 PM
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Honestly it all depends what your controls are page is doing.... Some general hints is to remove viewstate if possible and second check the size of the page that's being created in html.... By viewing the source and saving that text file, you could be amazed at the size...

 Another idea would be to trace your page and see what's killing the load time.. To do this simply add Trace=True in your <@ Page declarative. on the aspx page.


11/9/2006 11:35:14 PM
Oh one more thing.... Instead of dynamically adding your controls if it's not necessary i would suggest just writing them up in the aspx scripting..... to do this i would recommened doing the following:


<%@ Register TagPrefix="CC" TagName="ControlName" Src="~/Controls/ControlSource.ascx" %>|

This gives you the ability to then add the controls like so..

<CC:ControlName runat="server" ID="MyControl"/>

Just an idea..
11/9/2006 11:37:16 PM

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