Want to used Standard Control instead of HTML control


is someone can tell me how i can replace the following :

Response.Write("<Image id=" & h & BBLOCK(j) & BID(j) & h & " src=" & h & GLOBAL_IMG_URL & BCONTENT(j) & h & "/><br/>")

by the same in standard control (using Image). I've try to done it without succes.


1/20/2006 8:31:35 PM
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You'd probably have to define the image in your code-behind (or script if you're using inline code):

Dim myImage As New Image()

myImage.ID = whateverTheIDisSupposedToBe

myImage.ImageURL = whateverTheURLIsSupposedToBe

' Then you need to put the image control in the right spot, usually by

'adding it to the controls collection of a parent control



That's the basic idea, anyway...

Peter Brunone
Founder, EasyListBox.com
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1/23/2006 4:56:13 PM

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