Viewstate <--> Methods; Session <--> Web Forms; Something?? <--> Email?

This is along shot but I'm cautiously optimistic someone has thought of it long before and possibly an simple answer does exist...

If I want to move a thing between methods (I still call them subroutines) I can put the thing in a ViewState and then later take it out.

If I want to move a thing between web forms, I can put the thing into a Session and then later take it out.

Is there a somethingX that if I want to I can

  • take the thing
  • put it into a somethingX
  • put the somethingX into a file and email the file
  • take the somethingX out of the file
  • read the somethingX into whatever it was before?

I'm guessing this might be something  easy, it's just I need the name so I can go Google it.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Larry Dechent - Sampson Coatings has 29 examples (C# & VB) to help beginners with ASP.NET.
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 Hi Larry,

What you are asking is essentially serialize/deserialize an object. So you can write to an xml file or something. Then you can read that xml file back and construct the object. Here is a simple example. If you are not happy with it.. you should be able to find tons of examples in google.. Look for Serialization/Deserialization in .net

Kumar Reddi
1/7/2009 2:43:57 PM

It looks like the question has been answered.

 I'm going to try it right now.  My goal was, after an ArrayList was built, to be able to "package" and send it to someone and they can "unpackage" it and use it.  I kept the question general though because I was hoping for something general that might "package" and store other things.


Update- I haven't figured it out yet (I'll remove this tag when I have) -- however I've already seen enough to raise my confidence level.  I might come back here if I think I have a quick question but your link mentioned above is already completely satifactory.

Larry Dechent - Sampson Coatings has 29 examples (C# & VB) to help beginners with ASP.NET.
1/7/2009 2:54:23 PM

To follow up on, the link mentioned above, the following is in progress:

The link looks to be a good source of an easy, working example (it doesn't get any better than easy and working! : - )

Right now the verb "serialize", to me, means "put it in a box with padding so we can ship it" -- I hope to come back with a better definition than that when this is over.



My scratch notes:

  • XMLSerializer
  • Stream
  • FileStream
  • .Serialize  {{serializer.Serialize(stream, obj)}}

Larry Dechent - Sampson Coatings has 29 examples (C# & VB) to help beginners with ASP.NET.
1/7/2009 3:05:38 PM

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