Validating a control. Sponsor must be existing user.


I am trying to create a form for creating new users. A new user has to be sponserod by an existing user. How do I validate the sponsor control? The new user wil put an existing username in the sponsor control when he registers and then the program must check if the user name exists before it continues.

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you can put a CustomValidator on the page and implement your existing-sponsor-username logic within its OnServerValidate event.

If you want to avoid postback, you can add client-side validating logic using ajax and webservices.

This may help: 


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The CustomValidator server control is handy for this.  It raises an event called ServerValidate in which you can see if the user is an existing user by implementing your existing security.  So it could be something like this:

<asp:CustomValidator runat="server" id="cusCustomer" controltovalidate="txtCustomer" onservervalidate="cusCustom_ServerValidate" errormessage="You must be an existing user!" />
protected void cusCustom_ServerValidate(object sender, ServerValidateEventArgs e)
        if(e.Value.Length == 8)
            e.IsValid = true;
            e.IsValid = false;


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