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Well I am slowly progressing with my project, thanks everyone for helping me, I can explain to you now my next step:

I have a form page with loads of fields(around 50) a mix of ddl's, text fields, checkboxes etc. that the user fills in e.g. to list ingredients and prices for a new article. From this I have created a dataset to hold all the info. Then I also have another page that is a datagrid that lists a summary of the users articles using the dataset but only a few of the fields, when the user wants to edit a row in the table they will get redirected back to the form and all the articles information will be filled into the appropriate fields. So my question:

Do I have to create session state variables for every single field and then set them in the form page's page_load handler? or is there a easier way, something like creating an object of the table row like:

datasetIndex = e.Item.ItemIndex
activeRow = oDsArticle.NewArticle(datasetIndex)

and sending it in a session state and then somehow I can access all the fields through this object?

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Hi there,

I'd create a class with all the fields as properties and then store that in session.


public class Article
Private m_Name as string
public property Name as string
Return m_Name
Set(Value as string)


dim MyArticle as new Article

to get it back you could do
dim MyArticle as new Article=Ctype(session("CurrentArticle"),Article)

5/26/2005 1:11:31 PM

I suggest using a NameValueCollection (in the System.Collection.Specialized namespace) and use the Control's ID as the key. You can then store this in a Session variable. When you use the Session variable you must cast it to a NameValueCollection before you can access the items in the Collection. For example:

To store the values:

   NameValueCollection controls = new NameValueCollection();
   controls[TextBox.ID] = TextBox.Text;
   controls[DropDownList.ID] = DropDownList.SelectedValue;
   Session["controls"] = controls;

To retrieve the values:

   NameValueCollection controls = Session["controls"] as NameValueCollection;
   TextBox.Text = controls[TextBox.ID];
   DropDownList.SelectedValue = controls[DropDownList.ID];

Steven Bey

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5/26/2005 2:03:18 PM

Hi Steve,

I took your advice and used the NameValue Collection. I declared the RowControl on my Datagrid page like this (I use

Dim rowControls As New NameValueCollection
Dim Index As Integer

Index = e.Item.ItemIndex()
activeRow = oDsArticle.Article(Index)

rowControls.Add("ArticleDescription.ID", activeRow.ArticleDescription)

Then on my forms page I declared it as:

Private rowControls As NameValueCollection

Session.Add("oDsArticle", oDsArticle)
Session.Add("activeRow", activeRow)

Session.Add("rowcontrols", rowControls)

If activeRow.IsNewArticle = True Then
rowControls = New NameValueCollection

ArtDescription.Text = rowControls(articleDescription.ID)

But then I get an error here that "articleDescription"(just on the line above 'articledescription' is underlined not the '.ID')  is not declared. Can you see what I'm doing wrong?? I also tried it with ArtDescription.Text = rowControls.Item(articleDescription.ID) but it is the same result.

5/30/2005 12:51:18 PM
Where are you declaring articleDescription?
Steven Bey

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5/31/2005 10:49:05 AM

Hi Steve,

I declared an object of the row

activeRow As WSData.DSArticle.ArticleRow

and thought that I can access all from that, do I have to declare all the fields from the row seperately on the form page?


5/31/2005 12:23:05 PM

It still isn't clear where activeDescription fits in to this scheme but if it's a Property/Field of the activeRow object, then you need to reference it as such, e.g. activeRow.activeDescription.ID.

Steven Bey

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5/31/2005 12:43:30 PM

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