User Control Property Persistence - How do I get my property value to stay/come back to me?

I have a user control that's rendered in a data bound List View, for example:

<asp:ListView ID="ListBuildings" DataSourceId="ListDataSource" runat="server">
    <custom:Rater ID="Rater" BuildingId='<%# Eval("BuildingId")%>' runat="server" />

I set a custom property on my user control called BuildingId, but on post backs I'm not finding the BuildingId property set to what I set it to in the through the list view's databinding.

I can see that on postbacks the listview isn't getting re-binded, it's values are being persisted through viewstate. Why isn't my user control's BuildingId property value being persisted though?

Any input on how I might be able to set a custom property on a user control from within an item template for a data bound control, and then retrieve that value on further postbacks from events in the aformentioned user control would be really appreciated.



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In the user control inseta of keeping the value in a varibale keep it in the viewstate and u will find the value after postback

public int BuildingId
get{ return convert.ToInt32(viewstate["BuildingId"]);}
set{viewstate["BuildingId"] = value;}


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