Url Length limitation for "mailto:xxxx?&cc=xxxx&subject=xxxx&body=xxxx"

Hi All..

I want to generate automatic Emails after setting up the mailto, cc, subject, body components dynamically.. Lotus Notes is my default email client.

 My code goes like this..

message = string.Format(@"mailto:{0}?&cc={1}&subject={2}&body={3}", recipients, cc, subject, messageText);

//Open registered email client with the formatted message.

The email generation fails in case of subject or message goes longer.. I cannot assure of a fixed length of this URL.. It varies in cases..

Please help me out to solve this issue If anyone knows how to resolve it out...

Thanks in advance...

4/22/2009 11:07:57 AM
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You have a lot of limits to consider:

The amount of characters allowed in a url

The maximum length of email subjects

The maximum length of a command line in windows

What sort of length are you talking about?

You can send emails using asp.net instead of the method you use above:

In fact thinking about it I think that if you tried your code above on a production server it would fire the mailto: link on the server side not your client.

Also a minor note - you dont need the & on the first parameter so it would be ?cc= rather than ?&cc=
4/22/2009 12:07:17 PM

Thanks for the response..

I got to know by surfing the maximum length limitations in IE., But I need to automate email generation in Lotus Notes with such long messages.. Any other possible way to do it??  I am not sure whether this might work on my Production Server.. I need to test it in client side itself..

I heard that SMTP protocols can be used as an alternative solution for this.. Would that be possible or will it affects the security?

4/22/2009 2:15:01 PM

I got to know by surfing the maximum length limitations in IE., But I need to automate email generation in Lotus Notes with such long messages.. Any other possible way to do it??  I am not sure whether this might work on my Production Server.. I need to test it in client side itself..

Yes like I said above if you use the mailto: link the way you do above I think it will try to open the new email on the server which is not what you want.


I heard that SMTP protocols can be used as an alternative solution for this.. Would that be possible or will it affects the security?

SMTP is the protocol for outgoing email.

POP3 is the incoming email protocol.

If you used Lotus Notes then pressed send it would go out with SMTP.


What you should do is read the first few FAQs on this site which explain how to use asp.net to send the email for you:

If you dont have a mail server handy then you can use gmail. Mudassar has a great tutorial which explains how to do that:

4/22/2009 9:40:52 PM

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