Uploading files to a different file server but not web server


I want to upload files to a different file server than the web server using asp.net, is that possible?

I can use

Server.MapPath to store it on the same server. How do I save it to a different machine? What all I need? Do I need IP address?

Do I need to have a shared folder on that machine?

thank u for the help!!!

8/21/2007 10:42:14 PM
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There is only a few built in ways to get a file from one machine to another in windows.  Things like FTP, HTTP, or File Sharing - you are going to need a path to the server.  You cannot upload directly to that server.  You'll need to upload to your web server first, then copy it over.  This usually sounds like a much simpler task than it ends up being.  Copying to a fileshare usually isnt that difficult except for permissions, FTP gets harder, because there isnt built in wrappers for FTP functions in .NET - HTTP of course requires that the fileserver computer is specifically listening for an HTTP post of some sort, which usually means it must be running some form of IIS.

Bryan Sampica
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8/22/2007 12:15:59 AM


Do you have a sample code for it or some direction how I can start off? I am new to .NET. So just please give me some sample code.



8/22/2007 3:15:24 PM


My problem is I want to provide the ability to user to upload files. But I don't have enough space on my web server. So I want to  place the files on a different file server using FTP protocal. How do I achieve this?

experts:Pls pour ur suggestions..


8/22/2007 6:42:25 PM

There is no simple solution to what your asking, and explaining it to you is beyond the scope of "help" and borders on the scope of writing it for you. 

You can see this article to create your own FTP client wrapper - which may do exactaly what you need.  My advice to you at this point is start to go through it, if you run into problems please dont hesitate to post back with your issue, and we'll see if we can get you through it.


Bryan Sampica
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8/22/2007 7:06:40 PM

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