Upload control / color chart control / calendar control

Does anyone know of an advanced upload control with all the bells and whistles available?

The same for a color chart and calendar control.

Thank you,
8/6/2003 6:42:59 PM
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About a chart control you can try one I wrote:

WebChart Control
It is free.
8/6/2003 7:11:45 PM
Chart FX for .NET is the most advanced charting control for ASP.NET.

You can check it out at www.softwarefx.com
Software FX
8/15/2003 4:06:38 AM
Yep. But Dundas isn't shabby either.

Don Kiely, MCP, MCSD
In the Last Frontier, Interior Alaska
Please post questions and replies to the forum! And remember to MARK AS ANSWER when someone definitively answers a question or resolves a problem!
8/15/2003 4:18:59 AM

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