unable to input into the input type=text control

i am dynamically creating some controls on the form using javascript in which i have an input control which is text box but when i try to input some thing it is not taking anything what could be wrong. I found that i am populating a Message window n if it is poped the input control is not accepting anything n when it is off it is taking input. 


the code for message window is as below can somebody find it out what is wrong in the below code which is preventing me to input text in the input control when it is populated.

   MessageWindow = new Window('MessageWindowId',
                           {className: "dialog", width: WinWidth, height: WinHeight, resizable: false,zIndex:2000,
                            title: "  " + title, draggable: true, closable: true, maximizable: false, minimizable: true, detachable: false,
                            minWidth: WinWidth, minHeight:WinHeight, showEffectOptions: {duration: 0}, hideEffectOptions: {duration: 0}});


anybodies immediate advice is highly appreciated.

9/3/2008 4:58:39 AM
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