trying to understand how an ITemplate works


 I have been looking on google and around to try to grasp the functionallity of a ITemplate.

What i want first of all is that my user (after dragging the control onto an page) fills in some html in a layout field.


cc1:EmailControl ID="EmailControl1" runat="server">
This email was sent on <b>{sent}</b> from <b>{name}</b> (<b>{email}</b>).
<br /><br />

When he then clicks on send, i want to get that html code into a string (or similar) so that i can parse it and add the text to an email.

So i added this to the codebehind, trying to work out how to get the code that is inside the ITemplate into my string:

public class EmailLayoutContainer : Control, INamingContainer
internal EmailLayoutContainer()
public string GetLayout()
   //this.Context.   // Return the layout somehow

And then to the main class

ITemplate emailLayoutTemplate = null;
PersistenceMode(PersistenceMode.InnerProperty) ]
public ITemplate EmailLayout
return emailLayoutTemplate;
    emailLayoutTemplate =

void mButton_Command(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
EmailLayoutContainer mCon = new EmailLayoutContainer("");
string strLayout = mCon.GetLayout();

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Hi pafo,

Based on my experience, if you want to fill in some HTML code in a layout field when you drag it onto ASP.NET Page. you should do it in Render event (if you create a custom control). Such as:

        protected override void Render(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter writer)
            writer.Write("&lt;a href=\"#\"&gt;my onclick</a>");

 For the principle of ITemplate Interface. Here is a code block I have done, please refer to the following code:


public class MyTemplate : ITemplate

    public void InstantiateIn(Control container)
        Literal lbl = new Literal();
        lbl.DataBinding += new EventHandler(lbl_DataBinding);//Here is the key point

    private void lbl_DataBinding(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Literal lbl = (Literal)sender;
        if (DataBinder.Eval(((DataListItem)lbl.NamingContainer).DataItem, "HaveImg").ToString() == "False")
            lbl.Text = "&lt;a href=\"" + DataBinder.Eval(((DataListItem)lbl.NamingContainer).DataItem, "Link").ToString() + "\"&gt;" + DataBinder.Eval(((DataListItem)lbl.NamingContainer).DataItem, "Name").ToString() + "&lt;/a>";
            lbl.Text = "&lt;a href=\"" + DataBinder.Eval(((DataListItem)lbl.NamingContainer).DataItem, "Link").ToString() + "\"&gt;<img alt=\"" + DataBinder.Eval(((DataListItem)lbl.NamingContainer).DataItem, "Name").ToString() + "\" src=\"" + DataBinder.Eval(((DataListItem)lbl.NamingContainer).DataItem, "ImgUrl").ToString() + "\" border=\"0\" width=\"95\" height=\"38\" /></a>";
//Call Method: datalist.ItemTemplate = new MyTemplate();

At the same time, Please refer to this article to know more about it.

Gary yang - MSFT
Microsoft Online Community Support

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