System.Web.Mail "The transport failed to connect to the server"

I have been trying to get this email form working all night.  I just moved my site to a new server and now my forms do not work. 

<% @Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail" %>
<script language="vb" runat="server">

Sub btnSendFeedback_Click(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)

  'Create an instance of the MailMessage class
  Dim mail as New MailMessage()

  'Set the properties - send the email to the person who filled out the
  'feedback form.
  mail.To = ""
  mail.From = txtEmail.Text

  'If you want to CC this email to someone else, uncomment the line below
  'objMM.Cc = ""

  'If you want to BCC this email to someone else, uncomment the line below
  'objMM.Bcc = ""

  'Send the email in text format
  mail.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Text
  '(to send HTML format, change MailFormat.Text to MailFormat.Html)

  'Set the priority - options are High, Low, and Normal
  mail.Priority = MailPriority.High

  'Set the subject
  mail.Subject = "Property Information Form"

  'Set the body
  mail.Body = "At " + DateTime.Now + " feedback was sent from an ASP.NET " & _
               "Web page.  Below you will find the feedback message " & _
               "send by " & txtName.Text & "." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
               "______________________________________" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
               "MLS: " & txtMLS.Text & vbCrLf & _
      "Name: " & txtName.Text & vbCrLf & _
      "Email: " & txtEmail.Text & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
      "______________________________________" & vbCrLf & _
      "Would you like us to email you listings that are simular to this listing? " & txtListSim.SelectedItem.Text & vbCrLf & _
      "How many days to recieve simular listings? " & txtListDays.Text & vbCrLf & _
      "______________________________________" & vbCrLf & _
      "Message " & txtMessage.Text  & vbCrLf & _     

  'Specify to use the default Smtp Server
  SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""
  'Now, to send the message, use the Send method of the SmtpMail class

 'Redirect the user to a page that tells them the message has been sent.
 Response.redirect ("thanks.htm")

End Sub

I have checked and re-checked it and everything looks to be in place.  I have search the error I am getting

"The transport failed to connect to the server."

I called my hosting company and made sure my (mail server) was on the local machine but then he told me to send emails through a form on a site I had to be put on a list that will allow me to do it from all isp. 

Any help would be great

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Try changing your SmtpServer to "" or "localhost" as follows.  This should fix your problem.

   SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""

Hope this helps,

ADV Enterprises
7/9/2005 6:30:46 AM
Hi Friend,
I tried to send an email from local machine "anaam" to my local default  smtp server "" and i found that when i change the smtpserver as
system.web.mail.smtpserver="any thing else than"
I am getting the error message that you got.So I think your problem is from the line where u set smtpserver i.e.

'Specify to use the default Smtp Server
  SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""

try to change this line and let me what you get

waiting for replay I remain....
    Yousef Bahwal
7/9/2005 8:21:31 AM
if you change to different server that means you need to check authentication and access rights .......confirm again before anything 

Fadil Alnassar | FREE Nodil Tab Control
7/9/2005 11:14:31 AM
I called my hosting company "ait" and they said it is because I am not on the "whitelist" yet and so I went to aol and filled out the form for the whitelist.  I do not understand how the whitelist can stop my site from working.  Is this true about it?  Has anyone else run into this problem?
7/9/2005 6:56:14 PM

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