Single page with multiple user web controls VS Multiple page with specific user web controls

I have a question regarding single page with multiple user web controls vs multiple page with specific user web controls


Option 1: I am of the opinion to have multiple pages with specific user web controls and use an object to store all the information as the user navigates through the application. And finally at the end, read this object and save all the information to the backend database.


Option 2: My respected team member suggests that we have only one page, with all the specific user web controls and not use an object, instead show/hide the user web controls based on the navigation. And at the end, access the user controls and pick all the data and save that to the backend database.


Next, coming to the number of user web controls, We will have about appr. 25 user web controls, and quite a number of them would be inter dependant on each other.


I will like to get the idea of other programmers what is the problem with each of these styles of programming.


According to me,

Cons for Option 2

  • Not optimized if we have about 25 user web controls which are inter dependant.
  • Increases the onload time to populate all the user web controls.
  • Tougher to modify, if the requirement changes after the page has been created.
  • Viewstate will be huge.
  • Very challenging to do a postback.

Pros for Option 1

  • Easier to handle data as we using a common object across the pages.
  • Reduced load time, There is no reason to download all the data on start of the application, if the user decides not to complete the form.
  • Easier to change, if the requirement changes after the pages has been created.


I hope to get some more pros and cons for each of these options.


Thank You,


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I have done it both ways but if the project is not that large, I prefer
to put all controls on 1 page. What I do is set what would be different
pages up in different panels. Each panel contains the appropriate
controls and I hid/show as necessary. What I like about this is the
ease of not having to get my page values to another page via say the
querystring or a server.transfer which forces me to requests each form
item like old asp. One trick that I have done when using mutiliple
pages is to put the page object into a session and grab it on the next
page. This worked out great!
9/23/2005 5:18:17 PM

I ran into this question last week.

My answer to myself (Big Smile [:D]) was to use Dynamic UserControls.

This way you would load all the content you have which is stored in  a usercontrol dynamically, such that no overload of viewstate.



Bilal Hadiar, MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCT
Microsoft MVP - Telerik MVP
9/23/2005 7:14:58 PM
I would prefer haidar's way of doing this...We too have done in the same way, by having a master aspx page hosting different user web controls dynamically using Placeholder or some other similar container control.



9/23/2005 7:46:03 PM

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