Showing and hiding Panels on the client side?


I have a couple of panels I am useing on a page to mimic a tab based navigation menu. I have been able to use linkbutton clicks to show and hide panels to simulate the tabs. Is it possible to do this on the client side rather than making trips back to the server? Is this similar to the UI validation controls that can validate input from either the client or server side, or would I have to write the script myself to accomplish this?
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an asp:panel is just a <div> tag on the client-side. using view->source would have told you this.
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Jason Brown - MVP, IIS
3/15/2004 5:07:35 AM
I understand that...  Here is my basis for the question.  Given a text control, you can either have that text control validate on the server or client side depending on how you configure the properties for that control...  I was wondering if this was possible with the panels ?
3/15/2004 1:02:40 PM
You can change visibility on client-side in javascript using the visiblity style attribute.



hope this helps.
3/15/2004 1:17:52 PM

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