Setting width for .net controls in code(.aspx) page using function call in code behind..


 Currently I am trying to set the width of the Table as follows.

<asp:Table width="<%=GetWidth()%>" >


and code behind

protected Unit GetWidth()


return Unit.Percentage(50);




It's not working. I know that it works if I set the width complete on some page event(like page_load) of code behind....


Is there a way to maintain the same syntax like calling code behind function in design page...i.e. calling function of .aspx.cs in .aspx page and assign the width as shown above.


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for server controls try using <%# %> databinding tags instead of <%= %>.

<asp:Table runat="server" width='<%# GetWidth() %>' >

And in your codebehind remember to invoke DataBind() within the page load event handler.

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Give Id of table and make it server control and then in code behind page load set width of table as:



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