Session Variables (Get values)


I am storing some variables in Session, Double values, Integers and Strings.
Sometimes these values can be null or empty ("").

While retrieving these values from session I will declare a variable of its type. Let say for example I want to get a Double value from Session.

Dim dblAmount as Double
dblAmount = Session("sessAmount")

Here I am getting trouble when value is empty, its giving an error
Conversion from string "" to type 'Double' is not valid.

How to handle this kind of situations? Let me know your suggestion.



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Hi. Before assigning the value, check if the session variable is null, something like this:

If session("xxx") IsNot Nothing then

dblAmount = Session("sessAmount")

end if

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This can be done like this in VB.NET


Dim dblAmount as Double
If Not IsNothing(Session("sessAmount")) Then
dblAmount = Session("sessAmount")
dblAmount = 0
End If




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Another option: use Double.TryParse method.

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