Server-side or Client-side

In general, I'm wondering if there are any criteria to use when choosing between using a client side element or a server side element.
For example, if I'm going to put an HTML table on a page, how do I decide whether or not to use a server control?  Should the server side always be chosen or if there is not explicit server side functionality required is it better to opt for a "normal" client side table?
Obviously, if there is a need for server side control the question is answered, I'm looking more at more ambiguous situations.
8/15/2007 2:36:01 AM
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 This is from Microsoft's own documentation:
In general, you use a Table Web server control when you intend to add rows and cells (columns) to the table in code at run time. Although you can use it as a static table with predefined rows and columns, it is easier in this case to work with the HTML <table> element.
I think this is pretty good advice in general. If you need to interact with a control on the server, use a server control. If you don't, it's probably easier to use HTML.

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8/15/2007 4:39:34 AM