Reading a user control from another user control

I have 2 user controls on a page.  The first one (UserControl1) is called "header.ascx".  This contains a drop down list box called "ddlLang".

The other user control (UserControl2) is called "menu.ascx". I want this user control to check the value of "ddlLang" in the header user control.
How do I do it? Quite stuck at the moment!
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even i am stuck to the same problem.
what i came to know is
1) You have to find the page of control....(or if u want to hardcore it say its menuholder.aspx)
2) then u can use menuholder.usercontrol1.findcontrol method to do the require question.....
i am not able to get the page container...of control....

sorry if it is not of ur use...
Nilesh Garg

Nilesh Garg
12/15/2004 5:02:29 AM
Thanks Nilesh, you actually spurred me on to solve this problem.

I added the following to the menu user control:
Dim _ddlName As DropDownList
_ddlName = CType(Page.FindControl("UserControl1:ddlLang"), DropDownList)
Dim lang As String = _ddlName.SelectedItem.Text
And it worked!!!!!
I am no master at this but if you need some help with it just let me know.
12/15/2004 9:32:46 AM
Hey I have done this using and once i get handle of owner of my control I can use ne control from the owner page :)

Nilesh Garg
12/16/2004 7:46:34 AM
Please be aware that while it is possible for user controls to communicate with each other, it should never be done. 

This practice defeats one of the main benefits of User Controls. That is, user controls are self-contained and can be added to any page, regardless of any server controls or user controls that may be on that page.
Instead, it is the Page that should handle any communicate between controls, reading the properties of one control and then calling a method of another control.
If you have your page working, that's great. I'm not suggesting that you change it.
However, for future pages, please keep the above in mind. It may save you some grief.

12/16/2004 9:55:09 AM
Thanks buddy for such a great advice.. we will keep that in mind

Nilesh Garg
12/17/2004 9:09:42 AM

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