I'm at a loss to explain this... I have an ASPX page that I can't
always navigate to. When I developed the app (it's Starter Kit
Portal-based), I did it on my LAN and have had no trouble accessing the page.
However, upon deployment, I see the following behavior:
1. POST request goes out looking for MyForm.aspx
2. GET request for MyForm.aspx
3. GET request for MyForm.aspx
4. ...
X. GET request
Sometimes, the page finally loads. Other times, it just ends up
blank. Many times, it doesn't load at ALL the first POST - I just get a
"The page cannot be displayed." Examining trace.axd shows each GET
request has the same control tree, so I assume the page, internally anyway,
is rendering properly. Locally, I've tried running the same codebase
and disabled all exception handling, but I never found any exceptions.
Furthermore, I enabled trace and custom error diagnostics in Web.Config
but nothing shows up. Do you guys have any ideas? How in the world can I tell what's happening on the production server (I have limited access)? What would cause a zillion GET requests for the same page... and why would it stop...or sometimes work correctly...or sometimes not work at all?!! ARHGHGHGHG!
A couple of MSKB articles allude that this problem may be an IS6
issue, but as this is my first ASP.NET deployment to an external server, I
may have problems on my end... but I could use a clue. :)

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It sounds like a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall could be causing the problem.  Is there one installed in front of the Web server(s)?
2/24/2005 7:29:06 PM

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