Post from one search box (on master page) to another search page's query and display result.

Hi, I am using the code for a search using index server from this page  I want to post to the search from a text box on another page.  E.g. I have a navigationg box at the top of my page, included in all my page which has a search box and a submit button.  I want, when a user types in their search term, for the query to be posted to the search page and the results shown in one motion like google for example.  The search offers a number of different search options such as all words, any words etc. I would be quite happy for it to be an all words search and then have an "advanced search" link for the other options.  I am sure other people would have come accross this problem before.  I have tried a couple of different ways.  With it seemed the result cant just be posted to another page although I could be wrong.  I am new to all this although I am frantically reading up on programming to try and stop sounding like such a lame ass on these forums!

 I have investigated a number of ways of doing this.  I think server.transfer or httpwebrequest.  However, although I might be able to post the info from a text box to another page's text box (e.g. the search page)  I need it to display the results.




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Got round this problem using iframes and target="parent" rather elementary hack seeing as seems to have a problem with posting from master pages and multiple content pages.
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