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I have an ASP.NET application.
On one of my pages I have a link to a popup. This popup has a link. When the user clicks this link my popup closes and another Popup is displayed.
In this second Popup I want to redirect the user to a fifferent page in my application when the popup closes. Is this possible as another popup opened this second popup so I cannot use 'window.opener'.
Any advice is much appreciated.
10/20/2003 10:35:57 AM
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can you please explain a bit more clearly,

what I got is that you hae total 4 windows isn't it?
are you using hyperlink control or window.open
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10/20/2003 11:18:19 AM
I am using window.open to open a popup window from my application.

This Popup window has a link. When the user clicks on this link the window closes and I open up a new Popup. This new Popup has a link also. On clicking this link I want to close the popup and do a redirect on within my Application.
Since this Popup was opened from a Popup I am unable to do a Redirect on the Application.
Any ideas?
10/20/2003 5:00:46 PM

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