Please help me with a form/calculator that I cant get to work.

Hello, I am new here, and have come in desparation. I am rebuilding a site for a friend, they wanted it to be a copy of their original site but under their own web address. My problem is I have absolutely no idea how to get the fee calculator to work, all the rest of the site is complete.

Here is the original site with the fee calculator on it:

and here is the newer version of the site:


I realise I will have to change the file extension of my page to .asp, but thats about all I know.


Please can someone tell me how I get that fee calculator to work on the version of the site I have built???????? It isnt possible to ask the original builder of the site as he is no longe with us, which is why the site owners wanted the site copying as an emotional tribute to him.


Thank you if you are able to help

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I guess the only thing I need to know is the address of the page that does the calculation, but I dont know how to find out. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase anyone?
8/3/2006 5:39:45 AM

HI Becky,

Both the files are pointing to the same location actually. The HTML file and ASP file has a form within the HTML file. The action attribute of the form is assigned to Hence if you are clicking on the recalculate button, the textfield parameters are called by the FreeCalc.asp file and the calculation is done. If the field is empty it waits for the user to input the values.

What excatly are you trying to do. Do you want to have the entire page copied to a different site. I was unable to correctly get your problem, but wanted to let you konw that both the files do the same job.

The HTML file has action as the freecalc.asp page. while the asp page does the calculation within the document load I guess.

Hope this helps.


8/3/2006 11:29:34 AM

Hi Vincent and thank you so much for your reply. As you can see I have taken the old site updated it and changed it and put it on a new server, unfortunately as the guy that built the older version of the site has tragically died, nobody knows how to get the fee calculator page to work.


I actually want that exact page that is stored on the old site to be on the new site, however when I enter the calculations into the calculator on the new site it comes up with the answer but reverts back to the old site to provide that answer...........obviously we need the answer to appear on the regentsettlements.feecalculator page. Hope that makes sense. The best way to do it is simply have a go, and see what happens then you will understand the prob better.


Typing in a number here provides an answer here but I need the answer to come up on the original page it was typed in on. Thanks so far, you seem to understand the problem, I really hope you can get it to work.

8/3/2006 11:49:06 AM
Well, like Vincentt said, the Form in you html file is posting to which is where your problem lies.  It needs to point to the new location instead.  You can't just point it to the new HTML file though.  I think you have a slightly larger problem.  I don't know how you transferred your files over but you can't just do a "file->save as" from Internet explorer and then host the new html file in your new location.  That is just the html file generated by the server after running some server side logic.  I think in a way you are lucky in that there is not more logic involved with your site.

Your best bet, if you don't have access to the original source anymore, is to just rewrite the FeeCalc for your new site.  It doesn't seem to be too involved and could probably be written in javascript where the calculation could be performed on the client side, so you could keep all of your html files.

In the original site, I see that there is some html commented out untill discussion over whether a user can login or not is finished.  If you want to implement something like this you are going to have to switch to designing your site in ASP, PHP, or JSP.
8/3/2006 1:36:57 PM
Thank you. I am really new to this, and am still learning DW at college, consequently I have only built three or four very simple sites for friends to date, when I was asked to rewrite this site I thought it was pretty straight forward, as indeed it was all except the fee calc part. I literally havent got a clue how to do this, and would desparately like someone to write it for me, I am even happy to pay someone, I simply dont know where to look. So if any of you can do it I would be eternally grateful.
8/3/2006 2:13:34 PM

HI Becky,

I must go with D_stevens, I understand your problem now better.

You will have to recode the .asp page. What is the calculation like. If you have the calculation parameters, pass it to us, we will help you form the asp code for you.

But if not then we will hve to try out with a series of inputs and try and deduce the formula. Is there any way you can get hold of the original .asp files that are hosted on the the original site. If yes you are lucky, if no, then you will have to recode.

I will in the meanwhile try and access this site - and work on what is the logic for the same. Let me see if I can help you Becky.


8/4/2006 12:49:02 PM

THANK YOU BOTH. The only things I have been given are the old site address as quoted above, and this list of numbers for the calculation. (as below) As previously mentioned I cannot do asp at all, simple as that, I havent a clue where to start, which is why I hoped some generous person would come to my rescue. I thought all the code could simply be retrieved from the original server, but didnt know how to do that myself, despite several tries. If either of you are able to work out how these numbers can be configured to work in exactly the same way as the feecalc does on the original site, I will be eternally grateful, and even if you cant, thanks ever so much for even trying and for caring. :)


Questions you need to ask

Strata Y/N                                                        (Seller & Buyer Settlement Fees)

Purchase Price

Will you reside Y/N ?                (Stamp Duty)

First-Home Buyer Y/N ?                       (Stamp Duty)

Vacant Land Y/N ?                               (Stamp Duty)



  • The buyer is not a company


Items Calculated

  • Stamp Duty
  • Transfer Fee
  • Fee: Seller
  • Fee: Buyer

(GST included where applicable)


Calculation for Stamp Duty – Full Rate

First, round Purchase price up to the next $100.

      Up to    $80,000               2.00%

 $80,001 to   $100,000   $1,600.00 + 3.00%

$100,001 to   $250,000   $2,200.00 + 4.00%

$250,001 to   $500,000   $8,200.00 + 5.00%

$500,001 and higher     $20,700.00 + 5.40%


Calculation for Stamp Duty – Concessional

Applies only when the Buyer will reside & Purchase Price below $200,000.01

The Buyer must not be a company.

      Up to   $100,000               1.50%

$100,001 to   $200,000   $1,500.00 + 4.70%


Calculation for Stamp Duty (First-Home Owner – Property)

Applies to First-Home Buyers who will reside & Purchase Price below $350,000.01

      Up to   $250,000   Nil

   $250,001 to   $350,000   $13.20 per $100


Calculation for Stamp Duty (First-Home Owner – Vacant Land)

Applies to First-Home Buyers who will reside & Purchase Price below $200,000.01

      Up to   $150,000   Nil

$150,001 to   $200,000   $12.40 per $100

Calculation for Transfer (Registration) Fee

        Up to    $85,000   $ 82.00

   $85,001 to   $120,000   $ 92.00

  $120,001 to   $200,000   $112.00

  $200,001 and higher      $112.00+$20.00

                           per   $100,000

                           above $200,000


Calculation for Seller’s Settlement Fees

        Up to    $25,000   $346.00

   $25,001 to   $150,000   $346.00 + 0.176%

  $150,001 to   $500,000   $566.00 + 0.143%

  $500,001 to $1,000,000 $1,066.50 + 0.110%

$1,000,001 and higher    $1,616.50 + 0.077%

(add $55.00 to Fee, if Strata Titled)


Calculation for Buyer’s Settlement Fees

        Up to    $25,000   $519.00

   $25,001 to   $150,000   $519.00 + 0.264%

  $150,001 to   $500,000   $849.00 + 0.220%

  $500,001 to $1,000,000 $1,619.00 + 0.165%

$1,000,001 and higher    $2,444.00 + 0.110%

(add $110.0 to Fee, if Strata Titled)


8/4/2006 3:17:18 PM

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