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I'm from J2EE background. I have a use case something like below, but I'm not sure what's the best way to implement it in ASP.NET.

1) User submits a form (Page1.aspx) by clicking on a link (or a button).

2) At the server, "on_click" of the link/button should invoke some business logic. Depending on the outcome of business logic, request can be forwarded to (not redirect), lets say, 3 different pages:

     a) Page1.aspx itself. (This may happen e.g. if business validation fails on the submitted page)

     b) Page2.aspx. (E.g. if the user is an admin then he should go to a different page than a normal user) 

     c) Page3.aspx. (E.g. lets say this is a normal case)


E.g. in J2EE/JSF this can be done by defining an "action" handler for the button in some managed bean. Depending on the outcome of business logic, this action handler can then return different viewIDs  which can be mapped to different views in faces-config.xml. Request runs on server (unless the navigation rule uses <redirect/>). How can I achieve similar stuff with ASP.NET.

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you can do it in many ways..for example on clcik event of button..try this code...


       protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            int i = 14;  // depending on business validation assign a value

            if (i == 12)  //If business validation fails

            else if (i == 13)  //trasfer to Admin page
            else if (i == 14)  //Normal case


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Thanks for the quick reply! If I understand it correct then I think Response.Redirect() in ASP.NET would result in a round-trip to the client (i.e. it sends a redirect header back to the client). I'm looking for some mechanism similar to RequestDispatcher.forward() in J2EE, which basically routes the same request to a different resource on the server without incurring the cost of a redirect. Please let me know how to achieve this.



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Use Server.Transfer(), which does not require a round-trip to the server. Do note that using Server.Transfer(); hower, you can't redirect to an external page. Only to pages within the same site. Also Server.Transfer() maintains the same url.

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Thanks this is helpful!

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