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Hi, I am using following code to make table and with linmks,and when the link is clicked,file is opened.But now i want file to be opened in a new window.

var tblBodyObj = window.opener.document.getElementById("maintable").tBodies[0];

var newCell=tblBodyObj.rows[0].insertCell(-1);

var doc = window.opener.document;

var link = doc.createElement('a');

link.href = '../UploadedFilesByUser/'+fname[j]+'';var img= doc.createElement('img');

ext[j]= fname[j].slice(-3)







Please help.



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Add the Target property and that will open it in a new window:


Other options are:

_blank - will open a new browser window with no name.
_self - will replace the current html page, so if it is in a frame or frameset it will load within that frame. If it is the full browser, it will open to replace the page in the full browser.
_parent - will replace the html page it came from.
_top - will load in the current browser by replacing anything within the browser such as a frameset

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 Try with this:


Ahsan Murshed
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