multiple file upload using my web form

Hi all.

I work for a web company, and a website was built for a client, which lets the company that we built it for, upload images to their web server through the web page using a standard fileupload control. For each image they upload, some code in the background (vb .net) takes the details and adds the details to a database on the server, the loads the image to the server. On a regular basis they upload all their images this way, which can be hundreds of images!

Is there a way for me to let them upload a folder full of images? This couldn't be an FTP job as code needs to work in the background as well. I read that you can use Directory.GetFiles to get a list of all files in a directory, but this seems to only work for local folders, not from a client machine folder to a webserver folder. I assume this would be a security restriction on's part.

Is there a way round this? Is there even a way to let them select multiple files in the file upload control? So in the screen where they choose an image file, they could hold down control key and select more files? Or a way just for them to select folder name, and I could upload all files in it?

Thanks, Paul.

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For this solution what I did was allow them to upload a zip file which then I programatically unpacked in the folder then deleted any non image files that were included. (You can also limit what gets unpacked)

There are also multiple upload custom controls out there. I just had the problem like you where there were many many files that needed to be uploaded.

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I got this solution for you:

let them upload the images in a zip file (Compressed folder). You can use the open source SharpZipLib to unzip the file to a temporarly local folder on the server. You then traverse the folder using .NET files/directory methods and extract what ever information you need then you can take them to the location where you want them to be.


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thanks lads

the only multiplefile uploads I found, were putting more than one file upload control on screen, which defeats the point...

so ill have a look at this zip extractor,


7/17/2008 8:15:35 PM

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