message box with OK and CANCEL buttons

How to dreate a Message box with OK and Cancel button. And how to verify which button is pressed

How to add text boxess inside Message box.


thanks and regard



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I had the same problem myself. It became obvious to me that client side pop-ups, alerts etc... weren't gonna do the job.

 So I used this:

very easy to use and does the job!!

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if a plain javascript alert is what you need, then it is simply:

var res = confirm("Are you sure?");

res is true if user cliked OK and false if they clicked cancel.

if you need to use that to control execution of a postback, you can add as client-side onclick:

return confirm('Are you sure?');

example: <asp:Button OnClientClick=" return confirm('Are you sure?'); " runat="server" ... />



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 Just answered this one for someone else...


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