LITERAL control containing html SELECT control - how can I get events ?

on a web page written in VB.NET , I have a literal control  created. It's contents is :

Literal1.Text = " <select name=""addselect"" id =""addselect"" style=""width=100%"" size=""2"" maxlength=""27"" runat=server " & _
" onclick=""__doPostBack(" & _
"'addselect','')"" " & _
" language= ""javascript""> " & _
" <optgroup label=""Owner""> " & _
" <option selected><font size=""2"" face=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"" color=""#004080""> " & _
" Owner 1
</font></option>" & _
" </optgroup> <optgroup label=""Agent""> " & _
" <option><font size=""6"" face=""Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"" color=""#004080"" >Agent1 " & _
" </b></font></option>" & _
" <optgroup label=""Applicant""> </optgroup> <optgroup label=""Solicitor""> " & _
" </select>"

This let's me use a dropdown box with the OPTGROUP tag (required), runat=server & autopostback (used script to trigger the "_doPostBack" function) on my form.
This is all very nice but it leaves me with 1 problem. I don't know the code required to :
- raise an event in the code behind page when the select box is clicked
- handle the event
- determine which value was selected in the select box
Anyone know how to do this in VB.NET ?
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